Welcome to EFR Racing, Inc.
With 50 years of experience, Elton Fish's EFR Racing, Inc. is the most extreme high-performance motorcycle shop that has been putting all types of bikes to the test — from racing Harley Sportsters to all-out turbo bikes!

Larry's Bagger (right side) Larry's Bagger (left side)
Once I thought I was out of it, they pulled me right back in... working on Harley-Davidsons!

Hayabusa Blue Streak (right side) Hayabusa Blue Streak (left side)
Hayabusa Blue Streak

Blackbird CBR1000RR Turbo (right side) Blackbird CBR1000RR Turbo (left side)
CBR 1000RR Turbo

Elton's Blackbird (right side) Elton's Blackbird (left side)
Gen II EFR's EFI 445 (left side) 2008 Turbo Hayabusa (left side)
Tangerine Hayabusa (left side) Romozzi's Hayabusa (left side)
(click images above for larger versions)

Contact Elton via e-mail at EFR Racing, Inc. which is located at: 27 W 161 Childs Street, Winfield, IL 60190.
Now available!
Honda VTX 1300 Fury Turbo (right side) Fast VTX (right side)
Honda VTX 1800 Turbo (right side) Black Honda VTX Turbo with Flames (right side)
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2001 Turbo Hayabusa (right side) Night Stealth Stage VI Hayabusa (left side)
NO WEBPAGE LINK for this Hayabusa... Sorry! Hayabusa Stage VI Turbo (left side)
(click images above for larger versions)
Red Hayabusa at Bonneville (right side, front) Red Hayabusa at Bonneville with Rider (left side) Red Hayabusa at Bonneville (left side, top)
Top end speeds at Bonneville are fun!

EFR's New EFI Plug & Play Factory Honda Blackbird Harness modded to fit individual coils and New EFI ECU
EFI Harness modded for individual coils     EFI ECU Box

The new EFI box has a lot of new options for turbocharged and aspirated motorcycles. EFR's new 1400 CC displacement and 1360 CC displacement Blackbird engines are available now! E-mail for details.

EFR's New Buell 1125R Engine Displacement Kits available now! 1328 CC and 1235 CC. (Certain parts sold on exchange basis.)
EFR's Big Bore Kits available now!
Buell 1125R Kit
EFR's Stroker Kits available now!

NOTE: Turbo kits and parts are not sold separately — only with installation. Thank You!

On-Bike Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System Installed on Bike

Monitors and corrects the fuel at all times. Very clean installation. For Hayabusas, Honda Blackbirds, and GSXR 1000's.

More parts and upgrades on the Performance Parts page!

Big Block 1125R Buell

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