Performance Parts and Upgrades

Are your throttle bodies blowing off under boost on your Hayabusa? Let us know so we can correct this unnecessary problem.

Contact Elton via e-mail at your convenience.

Buell 1125R Kit

The Buell 1125R
EFR's New Engine Displacement Kits
1328cc & 1235cc. Available Now!
(Certain parts sold on exchange basis.)

Stage VI+ Dual Ball Bearing Turbo Kit

EFR's New Stage VI+ Dual Ball Bearing Turbo Kit

Both Pro Street Wheels

EFR's New Pro Street Wheels
The new front heavyweight is for the serious turbo bikes that always have to add weight.

Front Pro Street Wheel

Front teardrop heavyweight wheel is 16x350 and comes with a Michelin tire.

Rear Pro Street Wheel

Rear teardrop beadlock is 17x7"W and comes with a 190x17" Schinko tire & any size sprocket.

Cable Clutch Conversion

Cable Clutch Conversion

Raising Rate Regulator

Raising Rate Regulator

Sprocket Cover Support Bracket

Sprocket Cover Support Bracket

fuel management part for a 2001/2002/2003 Hayabusa

This is a fuel management part for a 2001/2002/2003 Hayabusa which is recommended with the Stage VI kit.

Multi-Stage Lockup Clutch kit

Multi-Stage Lockup Clutch kit complete with billet clutch and new center. E-mail for pricing.
Available for Honda Blackbirds, GSXR1000's, and Hayabusas.

Cylinder Head Ports

Cylinder head porting done in house!!! E-mail for info and pricing.

Dual Stage Boost Controller

Dual Stage boost controller.

Throttle Bodies Front
Throttle Bodies Rear

Throttle Bodies with New Fuel Rail and EFR Injectors.
Stage IV injector upgrade — ready to go. E-mail for pricing and details.
Stage VI+ turbo upgrades also ready for installation.

Stroker Kit

Stroker kits for the big boys!!! E-mail for more info.

Oil Pan

Honda Blackbird Oil Pan with Swing Oil Pickup

High Voltage Coils

High Voltage Coils
Push-on HP!

High Voltage Coils

High Output Electronics for Hayabusa
25% More AC Voltage!

EFR's New Fuel Management Unit

EFR's New Fuel Management Unit

The only true Multi-Stage motorcycle boost controller ever made.

The only true Multi-Stage motorcycle boost controller ever made. Available for all turbo-charged motorcycles.

Honda 1130cc/1160cc Stroker Kits

You CBR1000 RR Honda boys!
Stroker kits are now available in 1130cc or 1160cc.
Other parts also available — e-mail for more info.

Silver CBR1000 Honda Semi-Billet Oil Pan Black CBR1000 Honda Semi-Billet Oil Pan

CBR1000 Honda Semi-Billet Oil Pans

EFR Powder-Coated Custom Extended Swing Arms EFR Custom Extended Swing Arms

EFR's Custom Extended Swing Arms
We also do powder coating!

EFR's Pro-Cut Transmission
Output Billet Shaft and Shift Fork Shafts

EFR's Pro-Cut Transmission
Optional Output Billet Shaft & Shift Fork Shafts for Hayabusa

EFR Engine Management System Boost Reference

EFR's Engine Management System Boost Reference

EFR Turbo Piston Kits

EFR's Turbo Piston Kits

No Wrench Clip-It Kit

Are you tired of reaching for wrenches? Try our No Wrench Clip-It Kit!

High-Volume Intake Plenum

High-Volume Intake Plenum

Case Cover Saver

Case Cover Saver

Water Injection Is Available!

Lowering kits in stock.

EFR Racing, Inc.'s Air Shifter Kit

EFR Racing, Inc.'s Air Shifter Kit

Weak Stock PartsNew Durable Parts

First we have a shot of the weak stock parts in your Hayabusa motor. The next shot is of replacement parts that will not fail again. E-mail for more info and pricing!

Billet Starter Clutch CoverNew Heavy-Duty Gear

First is a shot of a billet starter clutch cover. Next comes a new heavy-duty gear to replace the less reliable original.

Blackbird Sidewinder

EFR's New Honda Blackbird Sidewinder

Blackbird Sidewinder

New Honda Blackbird Street Cut Transmission with the New 1.1 Sixth Gear!

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