1ST BirdMan      

Elton in 1997 at Indy. The first turbo-charged bird ever made. This is the bike that started it all!!!

This is the bike that Kent Stotz rode and broke his previous MPH record with, convincing him to go to a Honda Blackbird.

Upon retiring the bike Kent Stotz rode after 5 years, I started riding this one in the fall of 2002 — running 820's at the weight of 240 lbs.

Here's an all motor bike that makes over 200HP on pump gas!!! (We don't only do turbos here!) Sean Gann ran a 9:15 in March of 2000 at a Gainesville, Florida ProStar meet on this bike.

Elton Fish's everyday aspirated 220HP Honda Blackbird streetbike.
Shootout Bike

Shootout Bike!
New EFR Stage VI and Stage VI+ equipped bike photos will be added here soon!

Silver Bullet

Shootout Turbo Bike
For Sale!

FOR SALE! Hayabusa GSX 1400R Turbo - Left Side
FOR SALE! Hayabusa GSX 1400R Turbo - Right Side
FOR SALE! Hayabusa GSX 1400R Turbo - Dashboard FOR SALE! Hayabusa GSX 1400R Turbo - Front

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